Meet Brand Ambassador Lady Lunatic

Meet Brand Ambassador Lady Lunatic

Tiffany Cooper aka Lady Lunatic was born and raised on the Westside of San Antonio, Texas. She grew up listening to Eric B & Rakim, NWA, The Ghetto Boys and began writing poetry which later turned into writing rhymes. It wasn't until she heard Roxanne Shante, Queen Latifah, M.C.Lyte and Salt-n-Pepa did she believe there was actually a place for women in the rap industry.

Lady Lunatic recorded her first song and began performing in showcases as well as neighborhood talent shows with a group formed by her late cousin who also gave her the name Lady Lunatic.

She graduated from Thomas Jefferson High school and attended St.Philip's College afterwards. In the late 90's she crossed paths with a childhood friend Homer "Big J" Sedberry who was looking for new artist's to join a new label he was investing in which would later become recognized as  Suthern Merchandize.

Their first album "Suthern Stress" was released showcasing the talent of all the artists on the label. It sold thousands of copies independently across the south and Midwest region which lead to an opening spot on a tour headlined by UGK and Tela. The label signed a distribution deal with Ichiban Records but unfortunately the record company filed for bankruptcy soon after.

Suthern Merchandize dropped a second album titled "Still In the Game". The third and final album released by the label in 2002 titled "Settin Sh*t Straight" was a solo project from Lady Lunatic. The album featured artists Lil Keke, Slim Thug and DJ DMD. It quickly became a hit selling thousands of copies nationwide including overseas.

Lady Lunatic went on to do several features with other artists and recorded a never released mixtape titled "Thoroughbred". November 11, 2020 she released her second solo album titled " Purse Full Of Stone's" featuring the hit single "Purse Full of Stone's" which is being played at radio stations across the country and overseas. The "Purse Full of Stone's" Remix is produced by & featuring the late great Pimp C.

          "Suthern Stress"
         "Still In the Game"
       "Settin Sh*t Straight"
      "Purse Full Of Stone's"


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