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We are so proud to announce that our storefront location will be announced soon! In addition, we are thrilled to build our team and are seeking an experienced makeup artist and merchandise sales manager. If you are in the Ohio area, then this could be the opportunity for you!
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Brand Ambassador Opportunity

Thank you for taking interest in our brand ambassador program! Keep reading to see what our program requires from you. We love to refer to our customers and brand ambassadors as sexy sizettes. Our program requires our brand ambassadors to represent us with the loyalty, joy, and just by being uniquely you! Your onboarding discount starts at 30% off with a cap of 60% off and an added perk of a 10% payout for each sale you get us using your unique code that we will generate for you. So here’s how it works: you’ll start off using your 30% off code to purchase clothing, makeup, accessories and whatever else we carry, of course grab the items that you love. For every 5 set of sales, your percentage off increases by 5%. To be clear, once 30 customers shop with us using your unique code, you’ve unlocked your perk of getting 60% off with a 10% payout on each order that comes from your unique code, before taxes. These are huge perks that only our ambassadors have access to! With our brand ambassador program, you’ll grow with us! No sexy sizette is left behind. We will use your photos to promote and support you too as you and your following grows. Complete and submit your application below. Please allow us 3-7 business days to provide an approval and unique code. You may also receive a phone call from the CEO.