Meet the most unique Brand Ambassador Program You've Never heard of..Until Now!

Meet the most unique Brand Ambassador Program You've Never heard of..Until Now!

Sexy SizeUp Boutique created a brand ambassador program designed to support and uplift women in their own endeavors. The program was launched in mid 2021 after Angel Inspires, the founder and CEO realized that many women were struggling with stagnation, lack of resources and information as well as support with personal growth and development. She says that she remembers when she was struggling with all of these things and how it contributed to her past depression. "Right now, this world looks and feel very unfamiliar to us. It is requiring us to truly upgrade our lives in all aspects in order to survive; and in order for us to do this, we need to lovingly help each other as much as possible and be an example that transparency is humbling and healing."

Sexy SizeUp's  Brand Ambassador Program offers perks such as 10% payout on all orders generated by the ambassador, business and healing mentorship, the ability to participate in fashion shows and photo shoots at no cost, providing resources and connections and more. So far, the program has gotten such a tear jerking response from active ambassadors. See some of the responses below:

Ambassador Regina out of Columbus, Ohio says " Thanks so much for this information! It's really nice to know that the business owner wants to help build others as well as her own brand! I've been interested in being a brand ambassador before but I've never gotten the impression that I would be supported beyond my purchase, and in my own endeavors...until now! I'm looking forward to the zoom call. Thank you again!"

Anonymous Ambassador out of California says "This is so awesome! you all are like famous to me because how you all are pushing for us women like you are. This is so healing! You all are literally helping with saving my life."

There are many more messages like these that are heart warming. Our mission is for every plus size body type to be included in fashion shows, featured on brand websites and on billboards just as much as curvy women are. While we definitely love curvy women, we promote inclusivity to encourage all women that all bodies are beautiful regardless of size and shape. Ultimately, our bodies shouldn't be the reason why we aren't accepted in society. Let us be your source of fashion, beauty and inspiration. Please visit our website and click "careers" to sign up as an ambassador for our brand and start reinventing your life's purpose. We can't wait to work with you!


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